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Nowadays the internet is playing a vital role. Using internet one can read newspapers, recharge mobile phones, pay current bills, gas bills and many more. You can also do shopping by sitting at home using the internet. Apart from all those things, you can also pay medical bills. This is first introduced in America by Athena Health. It is a wonderful idea to keep patients record and pay their medical bills easily. We not only pay bills using QuickPayPortal but also can have the complete prescription of the patient. More details regarding the portal are clearly reported here.


QuickPayPortal – a simple website where all the patient prescriptions are found. Using this web portal, the user can easily pay their medical bills. In order to use this application, one has to have a QuickPay Code. It is just a 15 digit code which should be kept safe and secured. This code is available on patients prescription. People who want to pay their medical bill can open the official website quickpayportal.com or just click the link attached here. Then log in page is displayed on the screen. One has to enter your own Quick Pay code and click on submit button. The user can check all the billing details and pay accordingly.

It is a wonderful application, where a lot of time is saved. Before people have to maintain a queue near billing counters. But now all those things had vanished. Now the person or patient himself can pay their medical bills by sitting at one place. You just have to have a Quick Pay Code and a bank account linked to it. There are many accounts where we can pay the payment in a few minutes. The word QuickPay really suits the application. Using the portal, everyone is feeling relaxed and they are happy to have all the prescription details with them in a soft copy manner.

Quickpay Portal

QuickPayPortal Help

People who are not having the clear idea on how to use the portal can check it out on the QuickPay Help button. The team of the portal had clearly mentioned everything and are user-friendly to help you out in any matter regarding the QuickPay. Here we have listed some queries related to the portal. People who want to seek help from the QuickPay Portal can check out here or simply click on the help button on the page of the website.

  • 1If you receive the message as Quick Pay Code expired, then you have to log in again and continue the process.
  • The person who faces the invalid error, then check your internet connection and try logging again.
  • If a patient receives, your QuickPay code is no longer valid, then your bill is paid completely.
  • A person who wants to open another quick pay account before closing the previous one. Then the portal shows invalid error.
  • Using the Quickpayportal, the user can link as many as patients list in one account.

FAQs On QuickPayPortal

We have now provided some of the frequently asked questions on QuickPayPortal. One can have a glance at it. Hope this helps you out in any manner.

Q1. How to view QuickPay Portal account statements?

Ans: At first click on the billing menu on the portal, then you will find accounts. Click on it to view all your statements.

Q2. How to save card details in the Quick Pay?

Ans: Open the portal and click on the billing tab. Now select billing methods on the page. Then click on to add a credit or debit card to make payments securely. Later you can click the default button to save the card. If you wish to remove the card you can just click on remove button.

Q3. How to see the payment history of the patient?

Ans: It is so simple to see all your billing details. Open the portal and click on the billing section. There you will find payment history. Now click on it and check all your information regarding the bill payment.

Q4. How are our payments processed and confirmed?

Ans: After completion of your payments, you will receive a transaction reference ID and a confirmation regarding the payment made successfully.

Q5. Can we make payments using Wallet and UPI?

Ans: No you cannot pay the medical bills through wallets. But UPI option is recently enabled. So you can proceed through UPI method to pay bills on Quick Pay Portal.

Q6. Do we need to take any permissions from the bank before paying the bill amount?

Ans: No it is not necessary. One should have an account and a proper internet connection to pay the amount.

Q7. Do they charge any extra amount when we pay the amount using QuickPay?

Ans: No, they don’t charge any extra penny from your pocket. You have to pay only the bill amount.

Here we have gathered information about the QuickPayPortal. Please do check out and have a knowledge about the QuickPay Code and pay bills.

Updated: April 11, 2019 — 7:38 am


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  1. Hi,
    we try to pay a hospital bill. The hospital bill is from the USA, but now we are back in Germany and it is not possible to make a payment with quickpayportal. Do you have any idea, why it is not working from Germany?
    We cannot even open the web side…
    Best regards,
    H. Kiock

  2. I need a quick pay code please.

  3. I am entering my code and it will not accept it ?

  4. Think you had better check out your software. I couldn’t sign or using my code. The Summit Medical Group bill will have to remain unpaid until I receive clarification from you.

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